Unlike some Lemmy instances, only admins are able to create new communities on adultswim.fan. For those new to Lemmy, “communities” are like subreddits or subforums.

If there is a community that you would like to have created on adultswim.fan, please comment below, and indicate if you would like to be a moderator for that community.

If there is an already existing community that you would like to volunteer to be a moderator for, send me a message.

I don’t want to just create a community for every Adult Swim show right away, and have a bunch of empty communities with no activity. Posts about shows that don’t have their own dedicated community can always go in !adultswim@adultswim.fan.

Here is a list of communities that I am considering adding to the site if there is interest:

tim and eric, robot chicken, superjail, space ghost, yolo, royal crackers, mike tyson mysteries, hot streets, archer, bobs burgers, family guy, samurai jack, space dandy